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White and Red Wine

Portugal, despite its Atlantic location in the extreme south-west of Europe, belongs to the Mediterranean world where the culture of the vine and wine plays a predominant role, and where white wines are produced, by geography, climate, history, and cultural tradition and genetic inheritance. Reds and rosés of the most varied varieties, and of great quality being much appreciated.

Fruity Wine

They are soft and aromatic wines, where floral and fruity notes predominate. They are usually provided with a balanced acidity and a low alcoholic strength.

These wines are light and crystalline, lightly carbonated, are fresh and elegant.

These wines should be drunk young and fresh. They are ideal partners for the summer, although they can and should be consumed throughout the year, such as appetizers, salads and fish and seafood dishes. Also accompany well South Asian cuisine.

Vinhos Maduros
Vinho Verde
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