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Wine Consumption

Today it can be said that moderate consumption of wine represents not only a pleasure, but also a food habit beneficial to our health, preventing diseases of the coronary, carcinogenic and even diabetes.

Wine is a traditional element of our diet, which also allows us to discover the delights that gastronomy can offer us.

Enjoying a good wine requires a minimum of knowledge for your tasting, such as the criteria to follow when choosing the wine, its ideal temperature, the previous opening of the bottle, or the type of glass to be used.

Choosing a Wine It is common knowledge that the food to be completed needs its own wine. Hence it is so important to choose the wine, so that neither the dish nor the wine is altered by its companion.

So if we are faced with energetic dishes like game meat or red meats we should choose a full-bodied red.

The fish, seafood and lighter dishes will be perfect when accompanied by a white wine.


Ideal temperature The ideal temperature at the time of serving a wine allows us to correctly perceive its aromas, because if it is too cold the aromatic molecules will evaporate and if it is too hot our mouth and the smell will be dominated by ethyl effluvia.

Therefore it is considered that red wine should be served between 15º and 18º C, white wine between 7º and 10º C and rosés between 10º and 12º C.


Pre-opening of the bottle The contact of the air with the wine before its consumption allows to eliminate certain acidity, bitterness or astringency of certain tannins, being possible to be used decanters, especially indicated for the old wines, because this process will allow us to separate The coloring matter that precipitated the bottom of the bottle.


Type of glass to be used It is important to choose the glass correctly in order to appreciate all the characteristics of the wine. Color, aroma and body. Balloon cups, rounded, high standing and narrower opening are the best, as they allow, shake the wines so that they reveal their aromas.


Be curious, try it, taste new wines.

Drink in moderation and enjoyment.

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