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Vinho do Douro

Douro Wine DOC and Moscatel Douro DOC

The Wine Region of Alto Douro or Alto Douro Vinhateiro is an area of ​​northeastern Portugal with more than 26 thousand hectares, classified by UNESCO on 14 December 2001, as a World Heritage Site, in the category of cultural landscape and surrounded by mountains that Give it particular climatic and climatic characteristics.

This region, which is bordered by the Douro River and is part of the so-called Douro Vinhateiro, has been producing wine for over 2000 years, including the world-famous Port Wine.

Its Mediterranean / Continental Micro Climate as well as the shaley soils provide absolutely unique conditions that make your Port wine a World reference. Table wines are also notable, with wines from the Portuguese wine regions being one of the most awarded wines in the world, with a wide range of competitions such as the IWC, Concurs Mondial de Bruxelles, Wine Masters Challenge and Wine Spectator among others

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Mare Alta Rose verde pequeno.png
Praiamar verde rosé grande.png
Praiamar verde branco grande.png
Mare Alta Branco verde pequeno.png
Vinho Verde

Vinho Verde DOC

Vinho Verde, produced in the Demarcated Region of Vinhos Verdes, in Portugal, is a denomination of controlled origin whose demarcation dates back to 1908. Vinho Verde is unique in the world. Naturally light and fresh, produced in the province of Minho, in the north-west of Portugal, a geographically well-located coastal region for the production of excellent white wines. Cradle of the charismatic variety Alvarinho and producer of unique batch wines, the Region of the Vinhos Verdes offers an unique set of very gastronomic wines.

Vinho Verde is a fruity wine, easy to drink, good as an aperitif or in harmony with light and balanced meals: salads, fish, seafood, white meat, tapas, sushi, sashimi and others. International dishes.

Vinho Verde Branco CFP

Sparkling Wine 


Wine Produced with grapes chosen from the best traditional grape varieties, with skin pre-maceration and fermentation in stainless steel tanks at 16ºC for 16 days. In the mouth is fresh and acidic with a good persistence and presence of well integrated CO2. It is a wine with a young, light and fruity character, with an acídula mouth and quite fresh. Very balanced.Excellent to accompany seafood dishes and fish, pasta and salads.

Azevinho verde branco pequeno.png
Azevinho verde rose pequeno.png
Vinho Maduro Tinto Fragamonte
Vinho Maduro Branco Fragamonte
Vinho Maduro Tinto Terra Partida
Vinho Maduro Branco Terra Partida
Vinho Maduro Tinto Faina
Vinho Maduro Branco Faina
Vinho Maduro Tinto Fragamonte
Vinho Maduro Branco Fragamonte
Vinho Maduros

White and Red Wine 

Portugal, despite its Atlantic location in the extreme south-west of Europe, belongs to the Mediterranean world where the culture of the vine and wine plays a predominant role, and where white wines are produced, by geography, climate, history, and cultural tradition and genetic inheritance. Reds and rosés of the most varied varieties, and of great quality being much appreciated.

Vinho Maduro Branco Mestre Silva
Vinho Maduro Tinto  Vila Castanha
Vinho Maduro Branco Vila Castanha
Vinho Maduro Tinto Entremontes
Vinho Maduro Branco Entremontes
Vinho Maduro Tinto Adega da Fonte Pequena
Vinho Maduro Branco Adega da Fonte Pequena

Fruity Wine

They are soft and aromatic wines, where floral and fruity notes predominate. They are usually provided with a balanced acidity and a low alcoholic strength.


These wines are light and crystalline, lightly carbonated, are fresh and elegant.


These wines should be drunk young and fresh. They are ideal partners for the summer, although they can and should be consumed throughout the year, such as appetizers, salads and fish and seafood dishes. Also accompany well South Asian cuisine.

Vinho Frutado Tinto Lavradeira
Vinho Frutado Branco Lavradeira
Vinho Frutado Rosé Lavradeira
Vinho Frutado Tinto Merendeiro
Vinho Frutado Branco Merendeiro
Vinho Frutado Rosé Merendeiro
Vinho Frutado Tinto Gaivota
Vinho Frutado Branco Gaivota
Vinho Frutado Rosé Merendeiro
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